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"There is simply no country in the world which suffers the policies of of the U.S. to a greater extent than Mexico, nor any country which screws the daily lives of Mexicans more than the U.S."


 May 2000


Ambassador Jeffrey Davidow

Governor Roberto Albores


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UMASS is giving ME -- a war criminal! -- an honorary degree on May 21st

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"They haven't declared your sons and daughters delinquents because of broken windows in the US Embassy. Nor because the Embassy didn't file a criminal complaint against them, but also because the Ambassador, Mr. Davison or something like that, will have to respond before the Congress of his country for diversion of funds, since it's ridiculous that they sold him some windows that cost almost $4,000 dollars each that shatter from the impact of a pebble."

-- Subcomandante Marcos, December 1999