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-- Simón Bolívar


Free Father Oliverio Medina

An Urgent Communiqué from the FARC

From the Committee for Solidarity with Colombia/FARC-EP
P.O. Box 21564, 1850 Commercial Drive
Vancouver, B.C. Canada V5N 4A0



Yesterday in Fox de Iguazu, Brazil, the federal police detained Father Oliverio Medina, who is a member of our International Commission.

Oliverio Medina has worked to create awareness about the situation in Colombia, denouncing human rights violations and the dirty war against the Colombian people, which is now being aggravated by the implementation of Plan Colombia. He has legal residence in Brazil and has not committed any legal offence.

We have knowledge that the authorities intend to revoke his residency and deport him to Colombia. If they are successful, Father Oliverio's life will be in serious danger.

We ask for expressions of solidarity in denouncing the detention of Father Oliverio Medina, by sending communications via whatever means possible - telephone calls, letters, e-mail, etc - to the President of the Republic, to the Minister of External Relations, the Minister of Justice, and the Federal Police of Fox de Iguazú, requesting that Oliverio be released immediately and allowed to remain in the country.


Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia - People's Army

International Commission

September 22, 2000

Write to:

Presidencia de la República
Pedro Parente
Jefe de la Casa Civil FAX 55-61- 321 5804

Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores
Luiz Felipe Lampreia FAX 55 - 61- 3211888

Secretario de Estado de los Derechos Humanos
Gilberto Vergne Saboia Teléfono 4293456 Email:

To send your solidarity expressions online, use the Brazilian government
home page:

Brazil Foreign Relations Ministry:

¡Presos Políticos, Libertad!