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How Paramilitaries First Begin to Grow Out of Control

August 24 Communiqué from Autonomous Town of Ricardo Flores Magón, Chiapas

Publisher's Note: In our coverage of Plan Colombia, we speak a lot of the "paramilitary" organizations, formed by the Colombian government years ago.

Today we received from Chiapas, Mexico, a communiqué by an Autonomous Community under attack by more recently formed paramilitaries; formed in accordance with the Pentagon manual on "low intensity warfare" that has guided the Colombian and Mexican counter-insurgent campaigns alike.

Here we present, translated to English by Narco News, uncensored and in full, the words of a community under attack; first by the paramilitaries, second by the media, which without having a single reporter present, blamed the violent acts of the paramilitaries on the community.

Here, from people who have always told the truth to Narco News, the Zapatista Autonomous communities, we present to you their word: the real story.

What happened yesterday in Colombia, happens today in Mexico, and the forces of Power out of Washington and Wall Street are still playing the same dirty game.


A New Communiqué from the Autonomous Town of Ricardo Flores Magón, Chiapas, a Zapatista base of support


August 24, 2000

To the People of Mexico
To the People and Governments of the World
To the National and International Press

Brothers and Sisters:

This Autonomous Municipality in Rebellion "Ricardo Flores Magón" needs to raise its voice to clear up incorrect reports about the violent acts that happened in the community of the ejido (collective farmlands) Peña Limonar on August 22 of this year. Thus, with the truth of our word we declare the following:

FIRST: It has been said on the news that the violent acts were provoked by the support bases of the EZLN (Zapatista Army of National Liberation), and by this Autonomous Municipality.

We say that it is a lie. The violence was not provoked by the Zapatista bases of support, nor by independent organizations that sympathize and support this Autonomous Municipality.

SECOND: The Violent acts were provoked by a paramilitary group that confronted the PRI members of this community called Peña Limonar.

This Autonomous Municipality has investigated their existence over time and tried to prevent the crimes committed by a group from this community that does not respect the agreements of that community; not of independent organizations, nor of the municipality, nor of the PRI members, nor even the government.

THIRD: Their way of behaving without respect toward any authority is what led us to suspect their existence. And there we began to investigate and try to prevent their crimes. But today, with the strategy in which they committed violent acts, it can be confirmed that this is a paramilitary group that the very same government created in its "low intensity war," but it has escaped out of the government's own control.

FOURTH: Those individuals, this paramilitary group that today fought against the PRI members cannot possibly be, nor deserve to be, called part of the support bases of the Zapatistas, nor sympathizers, nor members of honest independent organizations that support this Autonomous Municipality in Rebellion Ricardo Flores Magón. That is because they are not, nor do are their actions worthy of being so.

Brothers and Sisters, this is our word. This is the clarification that we make, and we intend to inform and clarify the facts that bring us pain as much as possible. And we also condemn the actions that happened in Peña Limonar, because our work is for a dignified and true life to construct the autonomy of our town with liberty, justice and democracy, not to provoke violence nor to fight between our brothers or commit crimes.

Autonomous Council

(with the Seal of the Autonomous Municipality Ricardo Flores Magón.)

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Routing #: BCMR MXMM

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