by Jesse Freeston, The Real News
09/18/2010 4:51 pm
"We found that there are elements of the DEA… who believe this to be true."

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Part II of The Real News interview with journalist Bruce Livesey, who offers this theory based on his investigations:

“The Sinaloans are winning… with the assistance of the Mexican Army… There is evidence that they were clearly helping the assassins of the Sinaloan cartel… In Juárez, the evidence is that essentially their role was drive around going in circles and allow, and, or, help the Sinaloans take out the Juárez cartel… We found that there are elements of the DEA… and the American government who believe this to be true… The problem is that they have drunk the Kool-Aid and for political reasons it is not good politics in America to suggest that they are funding an organization, which is the Mexican Army, that is essentially working for the drug cartels.”