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August 15, 2018 | Issue #39 - Reporting on the Drug War and Democracy from Latin America

The Other Journalism About the Other Campaign

For Authentic News Reporting of the Tour by Subcomandante Marcos Throughout the Mexican Republic

By The Other Journalism With The Other Campaign

December 21, 2005
This report appears on the internet at

We are citizens and journalists who have joined together in the Other Journalism with the Other Campaign, publishing through the Internet at news, analysis and information about the travels that Subcomandante Marcos - known as "Delegate Zero" - will conduct for the Other Campaign beginning on January 1, 2006, throughout the entire Mexican Republic.

The members of this brigade have followed the indigenous movement of the Zapatistas during the past twelve years. Based on that experience, we are certain that the mass media will not truthfully report what occurs during the Zapatistas' "Other Campaign."

The Zapatistas have sent Marcos to the states outside of Chiapas "to listen to the simple and humble people who fight." We will work to assure that when the people speak, they will be listened to throughout the country and the world. Toward this end, we have joined forces to report on the first steps of the tour by Delegate Zero which begins January 1 in San Cristóbal de Las Casas, and will head out of Chiapas on January 9 beginning in the states of Yucatán y Quintana Roo.

Our reports will be published on the Internet - in Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, Italian and German - at:

There, we will make them available to the public free of charge and without accepting any paid advertising: written investigative reports, video and radio reports, documentaries and interviews, photos, analysis and commentaries. These reports will be available, also without charge, to community radio and TV stations and other independent media on the condition that they be published in full without censorship and, in the case of online media, that they include all the links to sources of information and audio-visual evidence contained in the original reports.

Since, at present, we don't count with the resources to cover all legs of the delegate's travels over the six months in which it is scheduled, we have decided to join forces and concentrate our efforts reporting on the events of January 1 in Chiapas and then on the Yucatán Peninsula, where our team will go in ahead of Delegate Zero's January 9 arrival to interview the simple and humble people who struggle and who await his visit. Then we will crisscross the peninsula a second time to report directly from their meetings with him.

On January 16 we will take a pause to conduct an evaluation as to whether our efforts were worthwhile and if there are sufficient resources and interest to continue reporting from other parts of the six-month tour.

We invite sincere colleagues who believe in hard work to join forces with us, by writing to or by contacting or visiting our spokeswoman Mercedes Ozuna ( in San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas, México, telephone: 967 678 36 98.

Salud y abrazo from the simple and humble people who are journalists in struggle,

The Other Journalism with the Other Campaign

Mercedes Osuna, general coordinator
Concepción Villafuerte, correspondent and January 1 coordinator
Al Giordano, correspondent and road team coordinator
Gerardo Osuna, technical coordinator
Gregory Berger, documentary director
Sarahy Flores Sosa, cinematographer
Quetzal Belmont, audio/radio coordinator
Karla Aguilar, audio/radio coordinator
Ana Laura Hernández, correspondent
Giovanni Proiettis, correspondent
Teo Ballvé, correspondent
John Ross, correspondent
Barrett Hawes, documentary producer
Dan Feder, managing editor, webmaster and graphic designer
Luis Gómez, international coordinator

Translation Coordinators:

Spanish: Ivan García
English: Dan Feder
Portuguese: Natalia Viana
French and German: Dorothee Lienan
Italian: Giovanni Proiettis, Renza, Anamaria

Tel. 967 678 36 98
Web page:

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