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-- Simón Bolívar

Sunday, July 9, 2000

Readers Respond:

From A Mexican Worker in Cozumel, Quintana Roo, Sunday, July 9th:

If Fox were sleeping at the house of narco-banker... does that necessarily mean that nothing has changed?

All these days have been confusing ones, I must confess that I want to believe in a change for this land, otherwise, I would think about leaving.

Really, I don't know what to think... maybe we must fight the boots man also, but if so, I'm sorry about the huge disappointment that it will cause to the people...

but... What do you think?

From Cozumel


From a North American in Oaxaca, Oaxaca, Sunday, July 9th:

Like many who choose to live Mexico I had hoped that just maybe with the defeat of PRI last Sunday some real changes could take place in this country. The people spoke. Clearly the vote was more a rejection of PRI than a real endorsement of Fox but it seemed that there was at least a possibility that he could lead the country to a better future.

When I read the piece about his trip to Quintana Roo
yesterday in the local paper, The Imparcial, I just felt a
wave of sadness sweep over me. The more things
change, the more, well, you know... And when I read
that Zedillo was going to be in Quintana Roo also, I
just started to envision Fox, Hernandez and Zedillo
toasting each other and splitting up the take.
Negotiating Zedillo's golden parachute, agreeing on
Fox's piece of future drug profits and firming up
Hernandez's continuing role as Mexico's primo narco
banker. The incredible arrogance of these people is
amazing to me. Five days after the election! Like
you, I was stunned. These guys are completely
shameless and seem to be immune from any kind of
consequence. Que Lastima. Pobre Mexico.

I've gotten in the habit of reading your Narconews
column every day. I appreciate your perspective. Keep
up the good fight! If people like you keep turning
over rocks and shining a light on the things crawling
around under them perhaps one day the people will
become sufficiently pissed off to insist on a real

Clearly, the only real answer will be the eventual
decriminalization and regulation of drugs to take the
profits out of illegal distribution and direct towards
education and treatment to reduce demand. Let's hope that this happens in our lifetime.


From Oaxaca


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