A. I just assume that he did. I think at one time he

did say that he talked to his friend at DEA. Drugs was a

concern because of what we talked about earlier with Hull,

because of the poor reflection it would have on the


My notes or my memos to him talked about narcotics

and he was concerned about it, again because of the image

problem and because it did damage.

Q. In your contracts with John Hull and with contra

leaders, including Calero, what was their attitude about

these stories about drug trafficking?

A. When I talked to Calero about it, he was concerned.

He thought it was bad for the image, bad for the program.

Hull was constantly being targetted, certainly in the Honey

and Avirgan suit that he was involved in narcotics trafficking.

and Renee Corvo and others were involved.

As I stated earlier in the four years that I have

known John Hull, I would find it hard to believe that he was

or is involved in narcotics.

Q. Did you meet with Eden Pastora?

A. On four or five occasions.

Q. Did you know Carol Prado?

A. Yes. In one of my memos, I said I was concerned

that he was involved in drug trafficking out of Panama.

Q. Marcos Aguado?

A. He was Pastora's pilot. There was concern about


what happened to Pastora's planes and equipment?

A. A couple of the ended up going eventually to the

FDN. He had one or two -- I think there was one that crashed

on the Pacific Coast, another was flown into a mountain taking

off [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] with one of his former pilots.

Q. Do you know of any support that Pastera and his

group was receiving free the United States Government via


A. No. There was a.conscientious decision not to

support Eden Pastera.

Q. Have you heard of Gerardo Duran?

A. I think he may have been involved in narcotics

trafficking, but I don't know where that comes from. I may

be slandering the man.


A. I have heard the name. And I right now can't

remember in what context.

Q. He is a Cuban-American from Miami -- does

that refresh your recollection?

A. I don't know whether it was [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] --

there is another name, and I don't know whether it is the same

that was involved in the Cuban movement against Castro and . . .