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Editorial of El Universal, Mexico City, June 20, 2000

Hidden and Suspicious Sponsorship

With the goal of conducting exit polls, also known as rapid counts, in the imminent Mexican electoral process, a man by the name of Douglas E. Shoen is found in Mexico: director, and it would seem, co-owner of the firm Penn, Shoen and Berland, dedicated to this type of election polling.

Mr. Shoen sustains that the only interest behind his activity is that the elections of July 2 will be democratic and their results respected. The fact that a foreign firm comes to our country to conduct a rapid count doesn't have any particular significance, except for the fact that Mr. Shoen denies to reveal who is financing the work that he wants to realize this coming July 2nd on Mexican soil.

About the hidden sponsers of his work, Shoen limits himself to say that it is a "plural and representative group of Mexican society, including businessmen who are interested in that there by trustable results on July 2nd. According to the other partner of Shoen, Rob Allyn, the sponsors of the study "asked that their names remain secret, in order to guarantee the independence of the project and also avoid possible reprisals by the Mexican government."

Thus, Misters Shoen and Allyn say they are interested that the results of the elections of July 2nd are democratic, that is to say, clean and transparent. But they refuse to make transparent the source of the money that pays for their work.

Why the mystery? Is it to protect the sponsors from possible reprisals of the Mexican government? This sounds like a poor excuse that Mexican society cannot swallow. In Mexico many polls with diverse results and with self-identified sponsors have been made. And what has been the problem? To the contrary, public opinion knows who to look out for.

The hidden financiers are, precisely due to their dark character, the source of suspicions over the real objective of the political job they contract. Are there pretensions of foreign influence in the affairs that are exclusively of the Mexican people? Are there destabilizing motives by forces that seek to subvert the legal order that we the Mexicans have given ourselves? Is there a goal of substituting the functions of authority by foreigners or by hidden Mexican nationals? Is this simply about a provocation? Is there dirty money that comes from illicit activities?

With all these grave conjectures Shoen and his partners refuse to identify their financing sources. And before such an unjustified and suspicious refusal, it touches upon the electoral authority, the Federal Elections Institute (IFE) to take a role in the matter. Not to impede Shoen and his partners from doing their job, but rather to demand of them, in agreement with the legal norms active in Mexico, that they clear up who pays them. Those who live or work in our country have the obligation to respect Mexican law. As any foreigner has to abide by the legal mark of the country where he finds himself.

Welcome to the foreign pollsters and observation. But welcome always and when they proceed according to the law and don't try to mock it with excuses that are so incredible and suspicious.


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