"The government does not look at the indigenous...

...when they show themselves,

...and, now that they conceal themselves,

...they do see them.

It's also an invitation...

for everyone to feel part of this struggle."

Narco News 2001


The Zapatista Delegation

...on to Mexico City

Statements by the 24 delegates now translated

Read the Words of...

Abraham Yolanda Bulmaro Daniel Fidelia Eduardo Javier Omar Maxo Mister Ismael Esther Alejandro Filemón Gustavo Sergio Zebedeo Abel Isaías Susana David Moisés Tacho Marcos

Comandantes and Comandantas Speak

Statements from all of the 24 Delegates

On to Mexico City!

to read these statements in the original Spanish...

or translated from Tzeltal, Tzotzil, Chol or Tojolabal...

The Official Zapatista Caravan Page:


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English Language Zapatista Caravan Page

Communiqué and Credentialing Info from...

Indigenous National Congress

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Previous Narco News Stories on the Struggle:

Nine Months of Immediate History:

The Televisa-Azteca Counter-Concert

June 2000 Series on the Narco in Chiapas

Part 1: Welcome to Chiapas

Part 2: Tapachula: Gateway to the Cocaine Trail

Part 3: Drugs, the Official Passport to the North

Part 4: Why Some drugs Are Seized

Part 5: The Rebels, Not the Government, Slowed the Drug Trade
Part 6: Chabal Tak'in: "There is no Money"
Part 7: The Colonel and His Troops
Part 8: The State Police Station
Part 9: Drug War Political Prisoners at Cerro Hueco

July and August Election Coverage

Marcos on July 2, 2000 Elections

Marcos on the Media

August 21 Analysis of Chiapas Election

Mexican Transition Series

(November 2000 to Present)

Part I: Mexico's Next Secretary of State says Legalize Drugs

II: Fox's 1st Challenge is to enact the Chiapas San Andrés Accords

(includes translation of the San Andrés Agreement)

III: Fox Names Drug Reformer Gertz as Nation's Top Cop

IV: Answer the Call to Mexico City, February 2001

V: Marcos to Zedillo: "You Lost the War"

VI: A Play in Two Acts by Marcos

VII. Marcos Welcomes Fox: "You Start from Zero"

VIII. The Fine Print: Two More EZLN Communiqués

IX. New Years 2001: Zapatistas Beat Army

X. Zapatista Caravan Communiqué

Amnesty 2000: Update on Political Prisoners

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