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Message from the Political Prisoners of Atenco in the La Palma Maximum Security Prison

“The intensification of the repression is nothing but the intensification of the federal and state war against the people.”

By Prisoners of Atenco
Writing from the Santiaguito Prison

October 17, 2006

To all of the compañeros, brothers and sisters who follow the path, the same path that perhaps that led us to this place: fighting for justice and for liberty. We know the price for not selling out our dignity is repression through slander, through persecution, through incarceration. And we know perfectly well that although we do not know each other physically, we know each other spiritually; that our main cause is to end this system that constantly attacks us. But we have to overcome our challenges, joining our similarities in the fight for justice and freedom of our country in every aspect. We recognize the other struggles that have emerged throughout our country and the continent, and they strengthen us. This sets an example of the dignity and courage. We have to resist, but this fight has to be active and conscious and be decisive on the part of everyone.

Long live the struggle of the people!
Long live the Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca!
Long live the Other Campaign!

From the bottom of our heart, we send a combative greeting to all of our brothers and sisters, to that “new blood” that is the students, to our indigenous brothers and sisters, to all of the country that has followed the path of a dignified and decent life.

We are not a project and we do not agree to being a commodity that you can buy or sell or make deals with.

Our land is not for sale!
Long live the struggle of the people!
Better to die than to betray our country!

-Ignacio del Valle

All of the recent events that have been unfolding throughout our country are not a coincidence. The intensification of the repression is nothing but the intensification of the federal and state war against the people. Nevertheless, even in these circumstances and because our struggle does not involve weapons but rather wisdom and resistance, we continue from in here asking for a dialog. A dialog that does not exclude people but rather a national dialog between the federal government and the people, to avoid a social upheaval.

Long live Mexico!
Long live peace!
Long live Atenco!

-Héctor Galindo

A fraternal greeting to all the compañeros, to the students, to the compañeros of the Peoples’ Front in Defense of the Land, to the Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca. We ask you to keep going with a firm heart and with a coherent mind. We should not be ashamed because our struggle is right, honest and just. The only thing we tell you is that from in here, neither captivity nor repression can eliminate our organization. And like the Magon Brothers tell us:

It is better to die with dignity than to live with shame!
Victory, always!
-Felipe Feliz

Note: the compañeros ask you to write them.
Send the letters hand written, without images, without postcards. The address is CENTRO FEDERAL DE READAPTACIÓN SOCIAL No. 1 “ALTIPLANO” (antes) “LA PALMA” Rancho la Palma S/N, Santa Juana. C.P. 50900, Almoloya de Juárez, Edo. de México. Addressed them to Ignacio del Valle, Héctor Galindo and Felipe Álvarez


Guillermo Selvas Pineda; Raul Romero; Macias Arturo Sanches Romero; ROman Adan Ordoñez Romero; Juan Carlos Estrada Cruces; Martin Garrido Romero; Rufino Gonzalez Rojas; Jorge Armando Ramirez Aguilar; Cecilio Ramirez Espinoza; Cesar del Valle Ramirez; Ines Rodolfo Cuellar Rivera; Oscar Hernandez Pacheco; Narciso Arellano Hernandez; Pedro Reyes Flores :Vicente Garcia Munguia; Jorge Alberto Ordoñez; Edgar Eduardo Morales Reyes; Julio Cesar espinoza Ramon; Maria Patricia Romero Hernandez; Mariana Selvas Gomez; Shuelen Gabriela Cuevas Jaramillo; Edith Rosales; Norma Jimenez Osorio; Maria LUisa Lopez; David Neri; Magdalena Garcia Duran

Support the activities of the Santiaguito sit-in. Come and be with the brothers and sisters who maintain it.

In case you wish to economically support us, you can deposit funds into the Banorte bank, to the account: 05 15 32 50 32 under the name Rosalba Gómez and Begoña Lecumberri.

Let no one remain silent, freedom for Ignacio del Valle!
The people say again: freedom for Felipe!
Héctor, hold on, the people are rising up!
Because they fight for the land, that is why they jail them!
Mobilize against repression!
All can see there is no defeat for Atenco!
Here, there, the struggle lives!
Down with the prison walls!

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