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Narco News published original investigative journalism & analysis for 19 years (2000 - 2019) on the "war on drugs" from Latin America, and on social movements, community organizing, nonviolent resistance and election campaigns throughout the world.

In 2001, Narco News won the landmark New York Supreme Court case, Banco Nacional de Mexico vs. Al Giordano, Mario Menendez and Narco News; this case extended First Amendment rights to the Internet and journalists who publish on it.

The independent online newspaper did not accept advertising but “cut a wide swath” (Boston Globe), with "hard-hitting reporting" (Fairness & Accuracy in Media), that "broke a string of scoops" (The Guardian), that were "on the mark and well documented" (Washington Post).

"The new, independent journalists of the Internet, as personified by Al Giordano" (Electronic Frontier Foundation), who "actually makes things happen" (Gary Webb, 1955 - 2004), invented "the platinum standard in Authentic Journalism" (Barry Crimmins, 1953-2018).

You can read more of what the critics have said at www.narconews.com/mediacritics1.html.

Here, free to the public, you will find two decades of reports in seven languages, including major drug war scoops by Bill Conroy, the censored San Jose Mercury-News "Dark Alliance" series by Gary Webb, early viral videos from Narco News TV, translations to English of Latin American and other international news stories otherwise unreported in the United States, in-depth reporting on the Obama presidential campaign in 2007 and 2008 by Al Giordano, "the prophet of the Obama paradigm shift" (Vanity Fair), and original reporting by hundreds of journalists from almost every corner of the planet.

The nonprofit Fund for Authentic Journalism is currently rebuilding the Narco News site to fix broken links and graphics that too often on the Internet get disappeared forever as the technology of web platforms becomes regularly replaced and must be updated to preserve the history of early online journalism.

We beg your patience as we complete this kind of archeological dig and repair of these vital reports and stories.

Please consider supporting the preservation of real reporting through the nonprofit Fund for Authentic Journalism, via the donate links at our website: authenticjournalism.org.

If you have tech skills and can volunteer to help repair and update this important historical record, please contact Al Giordano at al@organizeandwin.com.

Thank you for your readership and participation in 19 years of journalism history — and for your support as we continue to support authentic journalism in the present and future.

The Fund for Authentic Journalism

<i>"The Name of Our Country is América" - Simon Bolivar</i> The Narco News Bulletin<br><small>Reporting on the War on Drugs and Democracy from Latin America
 English | Español August 15, 2018 | Issue #67

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The Other Journalism with the Other Campaign

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Dark Alliance: The Story Behind the Crack Explosion

The Bogotá Connection: Narco News Investigates DEA Corruption and Cover-Up in Colombia

The House of Death: U.S. Law Enforcement Complicity with Murder in Ciudad Juárez

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Opening Statement, April 18, 2000
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Our Editorial Philosophy

Narco News produces original reports, commentary, or original translations of work in other languages, relevant to the drug war, the media, and democracy, in our América.

Our Editorial Philosophy is also reflected in our Opening Statement.

We believe that one of the problems with Internet journalism is that the web is over-saturated with duplication of effort. When the same article or commentary is published on multiple websites, it simply dilutes the efforts and work of all involved. Therefore, we do not republish reports that already appear free of charge on other online publications. We prefer to directly link to reports by others.

We do translate some reports by other publications to, or from, Spanish, Portuguese, and/or English. If we translate or quote from your publication's report, we provide credit, and, when possible, we try to provide a link.

We look with disdain upon Internet sites - especially those that sell advertising or products - that republish the work of our writers without obtaining prior permission from the author.

When another publication has our permission, which we often grant, there are some tell-tale signs to indicate that the publication is truly friendly and respectful:

  • The friendly publication always credits the author, the original publication of the work on Narco News, and a link on top of the page where the story appears.

  • The friendly publication never makes it appear as if our writer simply posted his or her own story to that Internet site. The friendly publication does not "bury" the credit at the bottom, in the "author's description."

  • The friendly publication does not edit, cut, or censor the original report.

  • And the friendly publication retains all links that appear in the original report, so that the reader may see the background information upon which it was based.

If another website does not do those things, chances are that it did not receive our permission and deserves your disdain, too, and that of all workers, as well.

There is too much racketeering happening on the Internet, often wearing an "alternative" gloss, in which third parties try to imply credit to their own publications for the labor done by others. We try to be an example of a different path, one that respects and acknowledges the hard work of writers and reporters, and that features original reporting or original translations to a new language. If you are reading it here, chances are you are reading it here first.

In the case of truly non-commercial publications, such as IndyMedia, we grant a blanket permission to republish our work, and simply request that due credit be given to the author and to Narco News, with a link provided.

We also embrace the "fair use doctrine." If a commercial publication does not make its work available freely to the online public, we will often make that work available, gratis, for purposes of criticism or commentary, to members of the public who, by surfing our publication, express a prior interest in receiving that kind of information. The same goes for works that appear only in email form, but have not yet found a permanent home on the World Wide Web.

As far as artwork and graphic material is concerned, we often appropriate other material and place it in a new artistic context. Again, we do this gratis without selling advertising or products on our own site. In the case of non-commercial artwork or graphics that we use, we strive, when the information is available, to give credit to the original artist. In the case of commercial artwork or graphics that we appropriate for our non-commercial use, we feel no such duty to credit profit-seeking companies.

The stories and commentaries published on Narco News belong to the author of each individual story.

In sum, Narco News is not here to make money. We are here to practice Authentic Journalism, at the service of the people.

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