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Narco News published original investigative journalism & analysis for 19 years (2000 - 2019) on the "war on drugs" from Latin America, and on social movements, community organizing, nonviolent resistance and election campaigns throughout the world.

In 2001, Narco News won the landmark New York Supreme Court case, Banco Nacional de Mexico vs. Al Giordano, Mario Menendez and Narco News; this case extended First Amendment rights to the Internet and journalists who publish on it.

The independent online newspaper did not accept advertising but “cut a wide swath” (Boston Globe), with "hard-hitting reporting" (Fairness & Accuracy in Media), that "broke a string of scoops" (The Guardian), that were "on the mark and well documented" (Washington Post).

"The new, independent journalists of the Internet, as personified by Al Giordano" (Electronic Frontier Foundation), who "actually makes things happen" (Gary Webb, 1955 - 2004), invented "the platinum standard in Authentic Journalism" (Barry Crimmins, 1953-2018).

You can read more of what the critics have said at www.narconews.com/mediacritics1.html.

Here, free to the public, you will find two decades of reports in seven languages, including major drug war scoops by Bill Conroy, the censored San Jose Mercury-News "Dark Alliance" series by Gary Webb, early viral videos from Narco News TV, translations to English of Latin American and other international news stories otherwise unreported in the United States, in-depth reporting on the Obama presidential campaign in 2007 and 2008 by Al Giordano, "the prophet of the Obama paradigm shift" (Vanity Fair), and original reporting by hundreds of journalists from almost every corner of the planet.

The nonprofit Fund for Authentic Journalism is currently rebuilding the Narco News site to fix broken links and graphics that too often on the Internet get disappeared forever as the technology of web platforms becomes regularly replaced and must be updated to preserve the history of early online journalism.

We beg your patience as we complete this kind of archeological dig and repair of these vital reports and stories.

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Thank you for your readership and participation in 19 years of journalism history — and for your support as we continue to support authentic journalism in the present and future.

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<i>"The Name of Our Country is América" - Simon Bolivar</i> The Narco News Bulletin<br><small>Reporting on the War on Drugs and Democracy from Latin America
 English | Español August 15, 2018 | Issue #66

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Al Giordano

Opening Statement, April 18, 2000
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Coach's Log: The Regular Season of News Begins

Authentic Journalism Is a lot like NFL Football, Our Narco News Publisher Observes

By Al Giordano
The Field

en español... Bitacora del entrenador: Comienza la temporada regular de noticias

September 6, 2010

State Department Withholds Funds For Plan Mexico

Citing Human Rights Concerns, Agency Cuts $26 Million From Drug War Program

By Erin Rosa
Via the Narcosphere

en español... El Departamento de Estado retiene fondos para el Plan México

September 5, 2010

Narco News Seeks Webmaster

“A Better Thing Never Happened to Me” says David B. Briones, Moving On After Four Years at the Tech Helm

By Al Giordano
Publisher, Narco News

en español... Narco News busca webmaster

September 1, 2010

Paging Radical Techies!

Narco News Webmaster Gig Comes with Lots of Work, Terrible Pay and Quite Possibly the Best Experiences of Your Life

By David B. Briones
Cyber Development Director, Narco News

en español... ¡Dirigiéndome a tecnólogos radicales!

September 1, 2010

Journalist At Center Of Bogus Laredo Ranch Story Accused of Plagiarism

Kimberly Dvorak's Lapses in Journalistic Ethics First Surfaced when She Plagiarized Bill Conroy's House of Death Reports from Narco News

By Ryan Grim and Jason Linkins
Eat the Press, The Huffington Post

September 1, 2010

Six American Zeroes: Reason Enough to Support California's Prop 19

The Drug Czars Want to Stop Marijuana Legalization Because Their Own Policies Have, um, Succeeded?

By Al Giordano
The Field

August 30, 2010

Dead End for the Mexico City Superhighway?

One Neighborhood's Resistance Has Stopped the Bulldozers for 35 Days

By Fernando León and Erin Rosa
Special to The Narco News Bulletin

en español... ¿Callejón sin salida para la Supervía de la Ciudad de México?

August 30, 2010

Blackwater Provided 'Unauthorized' Training in Colombia

US State Department Claims Blackwater Corporation Gave Military Training in Colombia Without Agency's Permission

By Erin Rosa
Via the Narcosphere

August 25, 2010

This Week in Narco News

A Summary of Our Online Networks as of August 23, 2010

By Fernando León
Via the Narcosphere

en español... Esta semana en Narco News

August 24, 2010

Juarez Narco-Violence Marked by Maquiladora Exception

Mexican Border Town’s Industrial Parks Have Become a “Green Zone” in the Drug War

By Bill Conroy
Via the Narcosphere

en español... La narcoviolencia en Juárez marcada por la excepción a las maquiladoras

August 22, 2010

Judge Rules Against Company that Allegedly Sold “Hacked” Code to CIA

CIA Acquired the Pirated Software for Use in Drone Program, Lawsuit Claims

By Bill Conroy
Via the Narcosphere

August 21, 2010

Calderón: The Army Will Fight the Drug War ‘til My Last Day in Office

Since Deploying the Armed Forces in 2006, Drug Enforcement and Drug War Related Violence has Correspondingly Increased

By Erin Rosa
Via the Narcosphere

en español... Calderón: El Ejército librará la Guerra contra las Drogas hasta el final del mandato

August 20, 2010

“La Tramacúa”: Colombia’s Abu Ghraib

Part One in a Series on US Designed Repression in Colombia’s Prison System

By James Jordan
Special to The Narco News Bulletin

en español... “La Tramacúa”: El Abu Ghraib de Colombia

August 17, 2010

NNTV: Al Gore's Mexican Adventure

Narco News TV Is Born with a Report on Mexican Presidential Aspirant Enrique Peña Nieto's Use of a US Politician to Promote His Candidacy

By Al Giordano
The Field

en español... NNTV: La aventura mexicana de Al Gore

August 15, 2010

Border Patrol Looking To Expand Unmanned Air Drone Operations With Department of Defense

The Plans Represent a New Terrain in Drone Technology for the US-Mexico Border

By Erin Rosa
Via the Narcosphere

August 10, 2010

A Beach in the Balance

Mexican Riot Police Attack Residents of Tenacatita Bay, Jalisco, Opponents of an Elite Resort

By Felisa Rogers

August 9, 2010

Tech Firm Claims Its Software “Hacked” in CIA’s Quest for Drone Code

Litigation Pits Trade Secrets Against Alleged Government-Contracting Abuses

By Bill Conroy
Via the Narcosphere

August 8, 2010

Al Gore Stirs Controversy, this Time In Mexico

Press Barred from US Politician’s Speech for Mexico State Governor Enrique Peña Nieto

By Fernando León and Erin Rosa
Special to The Narco News Bulletin

en español... Al Gore provoca controversia, esta vez en México

August 6, 2010

This Week in Narco News

A Summary of Our Online Networks as of August 2, 2010

By Fernando León & Al Giordano
Via the Narcosphere

en español... Esta semana en Narco News

August 2, 2010

US Congress Approves More Funding for Plan Mexico

Afghan War Spending Bill Also Includes Another $175 Million For Mexican Drug War

By Fernando León and Erin Rosa
Special to The Narco News Bulletin

en español... El Congreso de los EEUU aprueba más fondos para el Plan México

July 29, 2010

Costa Rican Supreme Court Temporarily Halts Entry of US Military

Civil Society Is Organizing to Maintain the Country’s Status as a Nation Without Armed Forces

By Jamie Way
Special to the Narco News Bulletin

en español... La Suprema Corte de Costa Rica detiene temporalmente la entrada de militares estadunidenses

July 28, 2010

Who Is Behind the 25,000 Deaths In Mexico?

Who is being killed, who is doing the killing and why are people being killed?

By Charles Bowden and Molly Molloy
The Nation

July 26, 2010

US Federal Agents Nationwide Bilked by Brazen Ponzi Scheme

Law Enforcement Agencies Actually Paid Crook to Sponsor “Seminars” Used to Hook His Marks

By Bill Conroy
Via the Narcosphere

July 25, 2010

How to Write About Haiti

A Guide for Foreign Reporters on How to Do What Everybody Else Does

By Ansel Herz

July 23, 2010

DOJ Drops the Dime on CIA, State Department Wrongdoing

Congress Made Aware of Agencies’ Alleged Deceptions

By Bill Conroy
Via the Narcosphere

July 21, 2010

US Military Surge in Costa Rica May Fan Regional Tensions

With the “War on Drugs” as Pretext, 46 Warships and 7,000 Troops Reported to Be Heading to Central American Country and Coast

By Jamie Way
Special to The Narco News Bulletin

en español... El aumento de los militares estadunidenses en Costa Rica podría fomentar tensiones regionales

July 14, 2010

Arizona’s SB 1070 Threatens to Collapse US Immigration System

Law Enforcers Also Argue Anti-Immigrant Law is Threat to Public Safety and National Security

By Bill Conroy
Via the Narcosphere

en español... La ley de Arizona SB 1070 amenaza con colapsar el sistema migratorio estadunidense

July 10, 2010

"Shut Off the Raging Dialogue of the Story of the Week"

Video of Noha Atef and Al Giordano at Tufts University Speaking on "Citizen Journalism and Digital Resistance"

By Al Giordano
The Field

July 8, 2010

Congressional Committee Investigating Alleged State Department Corruption

Probe Prompted by Charges Raised in Former DEA Agent’s Lawsuit

By Bill Conroy
Via the Narcosphere

July 4, 2010

Mexico 2010: Enter the Detonators

An Unknown Group Called "Los Detonadores" Sends a Video Response to the "Iniciativa México" Consortium's TV Ad, and the Parody Has Gone Viral in Just a Few Hours

By Al Giordano
The Field

en español... México 2010: Conozcan a Los Detonadores

July 2, 2010

Court Orders the Immediate Release of the Twelve Atenco Prisoners

Ignacio del Valle, Among the Freed

By Anne Vigna
Special to the Narco News Bulletin

en español... Se ordena la inmediata liberación de los 12 presos de Atenco

June 30, 2010

In the Life of a Journalist

Your Support for the School of Authentic Journalism Makes a Better Journalism Possible

By Anne Vigna
Class of 2010, School of Authentic Journalism

en español... En la vida de un periodista

June 30, 2010

Interview with the Attorney for Atenco Social Leaders Ignacio del Valle and Felipe Álvarez

“We are betting that the court won't grant them [legal protection], but will find them innocent instead.”

By Anne Vigna
Special to the Narco News Bulletin

en español... Entrevista al abogado de Ignacio del Valle y Felipe Álvarez de Atenco

June 28, 2010

Oliver Stone Responds to Attack from the New York Times' Larry Rohter

An Open Letter to the NYT Documents How It Is Rohter Who (Again) Misreports the Stories from Latin America

By Oliver Stone, Marc Weisbrot & Tariq Ali
South of the Border documentary

June 28, 2010

Summit Protests Are Obsolete

A Weekend in Toronto Shows How, in Trying to Relive the Glory of Seattle 1999, the "Summit Hoppers" Have Ceased to Have Any Message at All

By Al Giordano
The Field

en español... Las protestas en las cumbres son obsoletas

June 28, 2010

An Invitation to Continue Participating in Narco News

The Press Has to Have Ethics, and We All Have to Be Part of That

By Mercedes Osuna
Class of 2010, School of Authentic Journalism

en español... Una invitación para continuar participando en Narco News

June 17, 2010

"Where Are the Maya?" The Making of the Documentary

Nine Members of the J-School Documentary Filmmaking Team, Ten Days to Report and Film, and Today, the Premier of a Film from Mexico that Comforts the Afflicted and Afflicts the Comfortable

By Al Giordano
The Field

en español... ¿Donde están los mayas? La realización del documental

June 17, 2010

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